PICH – case studies

Each of the four partners investigated three case study settings with the assistance of their local government associate partners and the involvement of other local stakeholders, resulting in 12 individual case studies. The three case studies per partner follow thematic lines: the historic urban core, industrial areas facing transformation, and urban landscapes. Based on those cases, national and international comparisons have been developed.

The cases are both territorial in that they concentrate on a specified location, and problem oriented concentrating on the particular governance policies and actions concerned with managing the urban cultural heritage. The cases studies describe both the nature of various factors such as changes in policies and interventions in the heritage field and explain where possible the causal relations, especially in terms of the consequences of various governance approaches for place identity.

  Historic Urban Core Industrial Heritage Urban Landscape Country reports & Summaries
TUDelft, The Netherlands Netherlands case study report 1: Historic Urban Core Breda Netherlands case study report 2: RDM Rotterdam Netherlands case study report 3: New Dutch Waterline Country Report Netherlands

Country Report Summary

Newcastle University, England, UK UK case study report 1: Newcastle Bigg Market UK case study report 2: Newcastle Ouseburn UK case study report 3: Tyne Landscape Country Report England

Country Report Summary

IUAV Venice, Italy Italy case study report 1: Marghera Italy case study report 2: Milan Italy case study report 3: Riviera del Brenta Country Report Italy

Country Report Summary

NTNU Trondheim, Norway case report 1 case report 2 case report 3 Country Report Norway

Country Report Summary

Thematic Comparisons & Summaries Comparison Report Historic Urban Core Comparison Report Industrial Heritage Comparison Report Landscape Heritage PICH report
  Thematic Summary: Historic Urban Core Thematic Summary: Industrial Heritage Thematic Summary: Urban Landscape  

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