The PICH project aims to advance understanding of how fundamental reforms in urban planning and governance driven by global forces, are affecting the management of the historic built environment and the intangible cultural heritage of cities, particularly place identity.

The intangible cultural heritage of cities is indivisible from the physical historic environment. Therefore decisions about change or continuity in the historic environment have far reaching implications for intangible cultural heritage, and particularly collective place identity. Radical reform of urban planning and governance has direct impacts on the tangible built heritage of cities, and less well-understood indirect impacts on the intangible cultural heritage, especially place identity.

The partners on the PICH project are

  • TUDelft (Spatial Planning and Strategy -lead partner)
  • Newcastle University (Global Urban Research Unit)
  • NTNU (Department of Architectural Design, History and Technology)
  • IUAV (Dipartimento diCulture del progetto)




This project has been generously funded by the Joint European Heritage Programme of the Joint Programming Initiative: Cultural Heritage.

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