Education on the Bigg Market

Over the past few months, 4 MPlan students from Newcastle University wrote a series of blogs, which you can find on this website. The blogs are all based on the research they did on Bigg Market, including street surveys, newspaper analysis, and the analysis of existing datasets.

This research was undertaken in the context of their consultancy project. This is a project which is “designed to allow a group of students to work intensively on a piece of consultancy work for an outside client. This is a “live” project and the project brief is that of the client organisation with only minimum input from the School. It provides students with an ideal opportunity to bring together their accumulated knowledge and understanding of planning, with their ever growing body of practical, professional experience in a real planning or planning-related situation”

The client for this project was the local BID Company (NE1). The students collected, analysed, and presented data on Bigg Market, which is also the 1st PICH case study for the UK. The students have also presented this work at the international PICH workshop January 2017.

They’ve produced a website and a series of blogs for NE1 currently available via

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