Trondheim Project Meeting

How do we consider the concept “Sense of Place” in heritage management? That was one of the main questions during the PICH workshop in Trondheim 8-10 June 2016. Why do various groups of people appreciate a place, and if and how does this relate to the historic environment? One of the aims of this project is to connect this idea of “sense of place” to issues of heritage and management of the historic environment in the wider context of governance reform in urban planning.

The first case studies are all located within a historic urban core. In addition to discussing this in a meeting room we went on site to visit the warehouses in Trondheim. We discussed with local government and the renovation architect how issues of sense of place were taken into consideration. One of the main issues we discussed was to do with use. While over 80% the warehouses are in use, a concentrated vacancy, and related lack of maintenance,  in a few of the warehouses has a huge impact on perception and sense of place. The perception of vacancy is much higher than the actual vacancy for example. On the other hand, most local people are surprised to hear the buildings are not nationally listed, as generally expected.

We also visited the harbour area (preparation case 2: industrial heritage) and the urban landscape of former copper-mining town Røros, listed as World Heritage since 1980.



all images by Loes Veldpaus  Share-alike

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